Keith Stitt, a third generation Oklahoman, grew up near Oklahoma City and attended both the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and received his Juris Doctorate from the University Of Oklahoma College Of Law in 2001.

Passing the State Bar Of Texas in 2001, he practiced in the Houston area for three years before returning to his home state of Oklahoma where he was admitted to the Oklahoma Bar in April of 2004. Admittance to the State Bar of Oklahoma allowed Mr. Stitt to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming an Oklahoma Title Attorney. He opened Colonial Title later that same year. In business for over a decade with thousands of successful title opinions, Mr. Stitt and Colonial Title have become one of the most respected title companies in the Tulsa area. Keith Stitt has been involved with the Oklahoma Title Examination Standards Committee, contributing annually to the Oklahoma Title Examination Standards Handbook. He is also a member of the Tulsa Title & Probate Attorneys Association, American Land Title Association, Oklahoma Land Title Association and the Texas Land Title Association.